Brief History

ehran-Boston Engineers (TBE) was established in 1962 by an affiliation with the consulting firm of Metcalf & Eddy (M. & E.) of Boston U.S.A. with the object of transferring technology in the field of engineering services.

  • To establish a leading consulting engineering partnership in Iran.
  • To introduce and apply leading world technical standards in design and

By the year 1970 the objective was achieved and the affiliation was terminated by mutual consent. Since then TBE resumed its activities as a hundred percent Iranian Consulting engineering firm. While keeping the original TBE name the local part of the partnership continued the work as a 100% Iranian company. In more than half century, since its establishment ,TBE has successfully completed many Projects consisting of design, construction, project management, supervision of construction work in the fields of water supplly and wastewater projects and other. Some of the major projects in the above fields are described in the accompanying literature. Currently, TBE has been classified and graded professionally by planning and Management Organization of Iran as:

  • First Grade in Water and Wastewater Engineering
  • Third Grade In Irrigation and Drainage Networks
  • Project Management Services in the Specialty of Water and Wastewater Engineering
  • Third Grade in Operation of Production, Transmission and Distribution
  • Third Grade in Operation of the Refinery

Cooperation with international consulting engineering companies

In order to train and develop professional consulting engineering, according to international standards and its implementation in local conditions, the company has cooperated with world-renowned consulting engineers in various projects. During the 56 years of the company's activity, the main projects that have been carried out in cooperation with international consulting engineering companies are as follows:
Row partner company Year
1 Metcalf and Eddy (U.S.A.) 1344
2 Metcalf and Eddy (U.S.A.) 1346
3 Howard Humphry (England) 1351
4 John Taylor Sir Alexander Gibbs Dr. Kouros (England) 1352
5 Metcalf and Eddy (U.S.A.) 1346
6 Howard Humphry (England) 1356
7 Binnie Partners (England) 1379